With regard to our customers

  • Customer vocation support. It is not just dealing with customers, suppliers, we want to help them and that our customers are aware of it.
  • Customer satisfaction. Let us do what we would like to do with us as customers.
  • The customer is the center of the business.
  • Customer proximity. If we appreciate sociability, we must be social, close, having immediate feedback to the client.
  • Action orientation. "Troubleshooter."
  • • With regard to customers and suppliers. Perceive the needs of customers, hear their complaints and respond to its demands, within a maximum period of 24 or 48 hours.
  • • With regard to the company. Before communicating the problem, see how you can solve, think about it, along with possible solutions.

With regard to our products / services

  • Innovation. It is the foundation of our business.
  • Quality and reliability in the product and service. We have a good product, therefore we must trust in him, believe in him, and give that image to our customers. We have a technical service that gives value to our products.

With regard to our environment

  • Help provide a more productive agriculture and less polluting.
  • Provide new ideas and new agricultural technologies.
  • Create wealth in our environment.
  • The company will pursue the correct use of consumption to environmental protection.

With regard to our attitude at work

  • Human resource is the organization. You are part of the organization; we are the image of the company abroad.
  • Continuous search for improvement. We always have to do a good job, but the difference is when every day we wonder if we could improve doing things differently.
  • Participation and suggestions firstly.
  • Education can not be interrupted.Our education and correction of speech, dress and behavior are crucial for us.
  • Work autonomy and complementarity in other areas if necessary.
  • Privilege the values and the workers who are willing to "dirty their hands working, engaging".
  • Honesty and Integrity to the company, colleagues, customers and suppliers.
  • Cleanliness, order, morale and discipline at work.
  • Consistent resource management. Ask us and review what it costs to make our work in economic terms, and propose to the company how to get the results at lower costs.

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