Welcome to Dadelos Agrosolutions

Raw materials and specialities.

DADELOS is a Spanish company, located in Valencia, manufacturer of organic raw materials for industry formulators of agro-organic, fertilizers and defensives that provides technical services and sells and distributes its products internationally.

What do we want to be?

A positioned company in the minds of customers as manufacturers of organic raw materials of homogeneous quality, we want to be partners with our customers and not just make a sale, that our customers identify us for our professionalism and honesty.


To get that our customers can manufacture Biofertilizers and Biomedical products with the use of our raw materials, helping crops to produce products of better quality, more natural (no waste), and good productivity, supporting them with an assistance technical-commercial service for their optimum use.


Be a worldwide leading company in the manufacture of organic raw materials of quality for fertilizer formulators.

Locate us

Plaza Alcalde Domingo Torres,4-1
46020 Valencia (Spain).
Phone: +34 963 620 701
Fax: +34 961 071 841