Raw Materials and specialities

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Our Company

DADELOS is a Spanish company, located in Valencia, manufacturer of organic raw materials for industry formulators of agro-organic, fertilizers and defensives that provides technical services and sells and distributes its products internationally.

Our Products

Traditional fertilization does not always get its target; Situations of water, thermal or phytotoxic stress, can prevent the plants to absorb available nitrogen and to use it for biosynthetic processes. These problems can be solved, using the latest knowledge modern plant physiology using basic elements of the biosynthesis, the amino-acids.

R &D - Quality

Our areas of research, development and innovation are grounded on the optimal combination of our R & D Dept., together with the close collaboration with universities and government agencies.

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Plaza Alcalde Domingo Torres,4-1
46020 Valencia (Spain).
Phone: +34 963 620 701
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