R & D

Our areas of research, development and innovation are grounded on the optimal combination of our R + D + I, together with the close collaboration with universities and government agencies:

  • UPV (Universidad Politécnica de Valencia)
  • UA (Universidad de Alicante)
  • EUITA (Escuela de Ingeniería Técnica Agrícola)
  • AINIA Centro Tecnológico
  • CDTI (Centro para el desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial)

In addition to the portfolio of products currently available, our company has an ongoing program to launch new organic-based products, both laboratory and field level.

The aim of our research is to identify and develop new and differentiated products, in response to the needs of the sector. We work daily to create new solutions, such as AMINO ACIDS FROM VEGETABLE ORIGIN, ORGANIC COMPOUNDS, COMPLEXING AGENTS, TECHNOLOGICAL SPECIALTIES...

We are pioneers in some of our products, obtained through our processes of vegetables extraction, this confirming its Biological, Organic, and Ecological nature.

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